A cozy and cosmopolitan atmosphere

Located in the emblematic neighbourhood of Les Corts in Barcelona, next to the Illa shopping centre is this new restaurant/cafeteria. The good thing about ClassRoom is its luminosity, unique in the area, with its large windows occupying the entire facade and allowing the customers to discover the spaciousness of the premises and at the same time find private and emblematic corners.

ClassRoom is full of small details such as its beautiful bar, wooden and marble tables, comfortable chairs of different sizes and colours, exposed brick walls, wood,… But the essential thing is its gastronomic offer that fuses the best ingredients of the Mediterranean diet with international traditional cuisine. The dishes are healthy, of proximity and season. You will find a wide assortment of dishes and dishes to share, special sandwiches, the best coffee and wonderful and genuine desserts and don´t forget to try our excellent offer of wines, cavas and cocktails.

You can come alone, as a couple, in a group or make your celebrations.

Free parking for customers.





Encontrarás un amplio surtido de platos y platillos para compartir, bocadillos especiales, carta, el mejor café y maravillosos y genuinos postres, sin olvidar la excelente oferta de vinos, cavas y cócteles.


Trobaràs un ampli assortiment de plats i platillos per compartir, entrepans especials, carta, el millor cafè i meravellosos i genuïns postres, sense oblidar l'excel·lent oferta de vins, caves i còctels.


You will find a wide assortment of dishes and saucers to share, special sandwiches, menu, the best coffee and wonderful and genuine desserts, without forgetting the excellent offer of wines, cavas and cocktails.





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